My name is Raül Leiva and I’m a visual artist and designer from Barcelona based in London since 2018. I have a wide range experience over 20 years.

I love to design contents for divulgation.

I worked on branded content for newspapers and currently work on exhibitions at Royal Museums Greenwich.

Major Exhibitions
  • The Moon Exhibition,
    Royal Museums Greenwich 
  • Tudors to Windsors,
    Royal Museums Greenwich  
  • Virtual Reality Specialization, University of London
  • Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design, Universitat Ramon Llull
  • Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Arts and Digital Design, Universitat Ramon Llull

Because I’m passionate about music,  with my artistic project ÜHS I perform live visuals for musicians.

In this project, I reuse obsolete technologies to mix live video. I decided to give all this technological waste a second chance and also wanted to teach the digital generation about how video worked before computers.

Learn more about my artistic project Learn more about my artistic project