Raül Leiva
Raül Leiva

My name is Raül Leiva and I'm a Digital Designer
with a wide range of experience over
20 years

My area of expertise is Content design.

I love to design for divulgation.
I worked in the branded content deparment of a newspaper and I currently work in exhibitions at Royal Museums Greenwich.

AllUX/UI design Motion graphics

I'm from Barcelona and I lived in Madrid for 6 years.
I live in London since 2018.

In Barcelona I obtained the Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design and another in Electronic Arts and Digital Design at ESDi Ramon Llull University.

I ♥ music, festivals, exhibitions, travel, shirts, my beard, otters and dogs.

Creativity is present in all aspects of my life, it's my way of life.
Because I’m passionate about music on my own time I perform as a DJ/VJ and produce music videos.

I'm a versatile designer.
During my tenure with my previous employers, I have had the opportunity to learn about different skills from print to development.

My tools are:
Paper and pencil;
Sketch; Photoshop; Illustrator; After Effects; Sublime text; HTML, CSS and jQuery; Sass; GIT; Analytics

FYI: This portfolio isn't a template,
it is made from scratch by me:

UX/UI design, illustrations, animations, videos, front-end, jQuery.
Feel free to edit the code ;)

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